Titanic Adventures at the Unsinkable Molly Brown House

I've always loved the romantic era of the Titanic and the opulence of that magnificent ship. Since moving back to Colorado, I've dreamt of visiting the Molly Brown House Museum in Denver and finally had the perfect excuse to go when a friend visited from NC last year. We were blessed with a special tour that included a story of that fateful night as seen from the different passengers onboard. And, being the 100 Year Anniversary, there was a Titanic exhibit with a few items from the ship. Although they don't allow photos inside the home, I took a few of the exhibit and wanted to share them with you.

This is the image of Margaret Brown, who came to be known as "Molly" that was on the sign in front of the House.

Gorgeous dresses, shoes and accessories that belonged to Molly Brown. Can't you just imagine wearing these? 

Hat, purse, gloves and jewelry.
I have an antique aqua blue embroidered rose bag, so this aqua blue beaded rose bag really caught my attention.

Hard to get a good shot with the reflection on the glass, but this was my favorite dress. I could see myself in this dress, having tea with friends. *sighs*

Speaking of tea~ a china cup from the Titanic, White Star Line with a replica of the ship behind it.

"The Loss of The Titanic"

"The Titanic's Disaster" Sheet Music

And, one of my favorites from the gift shop~ Gin & Titonic Ice Cube Tray, "Sink one in your drink"... I almost bought one, but the more I looked at it, I felt a little odd about having floating Titanic ships in my glass... kinda eerie, don't ya think?

Stunning image of Margaret Brown in her ball gown. I bought some post cards to share with my special clients, and forgot I had them! Ooops :)

Click here for an amazing story of hope that unfolded on the Titanic as the ship sank. I pray that you will also find your hope and strength in the Lord during these perilous times.
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