Adventures in Pearl Knotting

I have always been a lover of pearls and have wanted to try pearl knotting for years. So, when a longtime friend asked if I could make her three long pearl necklaces, to wear separately or together, I thought, "This could be fun..."

The request was for three 40" pearl necklaces, 1 black, 1 gray, 1 white.

My first challenge was finding the right pearls. And, as chance would have it, once I found the black, the gray and white just came to me. Undeniably divine appointment. ;)

The next challenge was finding the right accents. I couldn't see 3 long strands of boring pearls, they needed a little bling. But not too much, since they would be worn together. Again, divine provision was made and I just happened to have the perfect beads on hand.

And, lastly, a pair of black and white pearl earrings...

I must say, I've enjoyed my pearl knotting adventure and look forward to my next project. If you'd like to order a custom hand knotted pearl necklace, please message me through my Belle West FB page and I will be happy to discuss that with you. Or, comment below with your email and I will contact you for a consultation.

I hope my friend enjoys her new treasures, and I hope you enjoyed sharing this adventure with me. Thank you for visiting Belle West and I hope you'll come see us again!
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  1. I always love your beautiful work, but these black pearls with that little extra bling are so gorgeous I just want to keep looking, and lookin. xo


    1. You are so sweet!!! Thank you so much. I adore your beautiful work, too. XOX

  2. Those are beautiful! What a wonderful idea and how well you executed it! These are grand!