Woman at the Well

Have you ever felt broken? Shattered beyond repair and desperately wanting to be whole? But the more you prayed about something, the worse it got? You wondered if God was even hearing your prayers?

Well, that's how I was feeling. Until today. I had a 'woman at the well' encounter, and it was one of the most profound, healing experiences I have ever had. I was on my way to the altar this morning for prayer when a woman headed me off at the pass, so I stood in the front row, waiting my turn, and suddenly, the man (directly) behind me began to pray. At first, I wasn't paying attention, and then I realized he was praying for me... or, at least it sounded like he was... he was praying very specific things that were big on my heart... like he KNEW me.

So, after the service, I walked over and told him, "I don't know who you were praying for, but that was exactly what I needed." He took my hand and told me that God had told him to pray for me, and he began to pray for me again. This time his wife joined him and they continued to pray together, for things that were so deep inside of me, things that had happened to me, that only God could know. 

By the time they finished praying, I felt like the woman at the well who had met Jesus for the very first time and He knew everything about her. Not in a bad, invasive way. But in a beautiful, healing, comforting way... things I have been asking God about and begging for answers to, and He met me right there, using someone I've never even seen before...

I want you to know today that God hears your every prayer, He sees you where you are, He saves your every tear, and He cares so deeply for you. He longs to heal you~ body, mind and soul... your heart, your family, your every single need. Never, ever believe the lies of the enemy that you are nothing to God, and that your life is not important. He made you in His image and He loves you with an everlasting love. So, rest in Him. Trust in Him. Abide in Him. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Worship Him and let Him give you rest...

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  1. just what i needed to see in words... so true... sometimes we let our problems and worries take control and we should always remember that our God is in control. it's so hard to turn it all over to Him sometimes... thanks for sharing.

    1. You're so welcome, Shelly. What the Lord told me today was that this battle was bigger than me and I needed help. Sometimes we need more than just our own prayers, we need prayer warriors to stand in the gap. And, the Lord sent these people to my church to intercede for me. It was nothing short of a miracle. And you are worth it! He loves us that much. <3

  2. the answer is yes, I have been shattered by the one person who promised to love and honor me till death do us part. It took a long time to realize the only one that will honor that promise is God. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. It brought tears to my eyes, and also a ray of hope. Blessings to you.

    1. God bless you, Alice. What would we do without Him? Sending prayers of love and peace to you. ❥