Belle West Gems

It's funny how, when I'm supposed to be getting my tax info together, I can find a million other things to do... besides my taxes. I have the hardest time focusing...

So, in my meanderings today, I posted a question in one of my bead groups on Facebook with this photo, and the crowd went wild! In other words, they liked my beads. Although I do not currently have any of these in stock {AB Labradorite Cubes}, I do hope to be getting more in soon, and will work diligently on restocking my pitiful gem store with some of the lovelies I've been hoarding in my bead closet.

So, pray for me... because the sooner I get done with these taxes, the quicker I can get those gems listed. I don't do yoga, but I could certainly use some FOCUS... :)


  1. I need some help with focus too! Your beautiful beads sent me off to your Etsy shops and your FB pages. I also love that you're a Christian, like me. I also have two Etsy shops and two websites, though I plan to close one of those. Since my Shopify store and Etsy store weren't connected, I actually sold a couple of items more than once in December which thankfully turned out ok since I could make seconds. It caused me enough trouble that I decided to open an IndiaMade store so I could connect it to Etsy. Nothing is every easy, though, and I'm still working on getting the two synchronized.

    Anyway, wanted to say hello and respond to your initial question on FB. I started off with my jewelry supplies in my jewelry shop, but split them apart because the audiences were different. I get a ton more sales with the supplies but spend a lot more time trying to promote my jewelry. I really don't like it that I have to have two separate logons for Etsy. If I could have two stores with one id it would be so much easier to manage.

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Laurel! Thanks for stopping by. I hear ya on the logins and extra work with 2 shops. I'd like to have my own website again, but not sure when that will happen, so Etsy will have to do for now. Make sure you Follow me on Etsy and FB to see when I post new beads, charms and other sterling silver varietals. Have a great weekend!! :)