Pinterest~ Dumber'n a Bag of Hammers...

I recently came across several people using one of my original photos on Pinterest with a link to someone else's website, so I reported it. Pinterest deleted MY PINS. Can you believe that?? So, now it has a watermark. I will repost it. And they better not mess with me!!!

This is the photo (in question) that I took of my original Victorian Hearts Charm Bracelet back in 2004 when my business name was Legacy 925. My Facebook page and Etsy store were also Legacy 925. In 2012, I changed the name of my business to Belle West. Since that time, I've made new bracelets and taken new photos, which I actually like better. But that doesn't mean it should be deleted from Pinterest. :(

Here's a link to my original Legacy 925 store on Etsy where you can see this very same bracelet photo in my profile pic!!! https://www.etsy.com/shop/Legacy925 ... not sure why my old store is still open... I guess just in case someone's looking for me under my old name. Better safe than sorry. ;)

Here's the second iteration photo, years later, of the same bracelet I made for a new client. 

And, lastly, the same bracelet on a different background. The first photo, on crushed red velvet, did not have a watermark because it was taken back in the day, when such things were not considered important. Or, some of us had no idea people would be stealing our photographs to use on scammer websites... {insert angry emoticon} 

And, another favorite photo... I just love this old bottle... :)

Here's my original blog post from 2012 when I made the new bracelet with all the new photos for a very sweet client~

Which photo do you like best? 
And, do you think Pinterest owes me an APOLOGY? Yeah, right.

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  1. And this is exactly why I quit Pinterest over a year ago. My account was hacked and no matter what I said, they would not believe me. A few months later I read that they acknowledged their site had been hacked. I despise Pinterest and would not go there again. BTW your story of the hijack of your work is not the first I have heard. It happens all the time.

    1. Yes, Ancient Wanderer... Pinterest certainly has its issues. I knew there were people who had shared my photo out of admiration, so I only reported 2 pins. TWO. But, they deleted them ALL. Even mine. My poor client I made the bracelet for (in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th images) thought I was coming after her when she got notice they deleted her pin. Very embarrassing. Pinterest has a lot of issues they need to resolve. And, like many sites online today, you can never reach a real person. Everything's automated. Very annoying. Thank you for sharing! Have a great day! :)