CBC Admin Appreciation Day

Good morning and welcome to another beautiful day in Paradise! Before I head out into my adventurous day, I'd like to take a few moments to share and celebrate some wonderfully talented jewelry artists who I have had the pleasure of getting to know and becoming friends with on Facebook through a group called Creative Bead Chat. This group has been a blessing to me in more ways than you can imagine.

It's a supportive community of artisans who share ideas, tips, tricks, resources, love and inspiration. Having trouble with your jewelry photography? Just ask. Wondering what's the best sealant to use on your vintage glass pearls? Just ask. Where to get the right tools for the job? Just ask. Just ask~ and people come out of the woodwork to offer advice, assistance, and lots of laughs. 

Today we are celebrating the women who started this group and the admins who keep it going. Each one, very talented in their own right. And, here they are, in alphabetical order:

Karen Totten: http://www.starryroadstudio.com/ 
~ creates beautiful and very usable ceramic components.

Keirsten Giles: http://cerebraldilettante.blogspot.com
~ the 'Cerebral Dilettante'. Love that name. Creates beautifully creative works of art.

Marla Gibson: http://​spiceboxdesigns.blogspot.com/ 
~ makes beautiful seed-beaded jewelry.

Marla James: www.etsy.com/shop/marlasmud 
~ the Comedian What's in Charge. She keeps us laughing, in addition to creating beautiful organic ceramic components. 

Melinda Orr: http://www.etsy.com/shop/orrtec  
~ the creator and founder of the group, and for that I am eternally grateful. Also a very talented metal artist who creates beautiful jewelry and components.  

Well, that's it for now. Be blessed and celebrate someone today who inspires you. xox


  1. What a beautiful tribute to these very talented and creative ladies. YOU're a jewel Belle! ♥

  2. Love each of these talented, supportive women!

  3. Thanks Donna for sharing our work and links! I love your work and it's always an inspiration to see what you're up to!! :-) Glad you are a part of CBC and look forward to what the future brings! :-)

  4. So well said, Donna! You've described CBC and our founder/administrators perfectly!

    And you add beauty and joy to our group as well!

    1. Thank you, Sharyl. You're very sweet, and I enjoy what you bring to the group as well. It's an honor to know you. XOX