Rudolph and the Ice Queen

I had the pleasure of creating a very special custom charm bracelet this week for a client who wanted Christmas charms with some added bling in the form of snowy, white pearls for a wintery feel.

As I laid out my pearls and crystals, I came across a beautiful keishi pearl that resembled snowflakes. But after placing them on the bracelet, it was just too 'flat'. So, I dug a little deeper and found some round faceted pearls in my stash that gave it just the right 'pop'.

Then came the crystals. The original blues I started with just didn't have the right tone, so I played around and came up with these sweet little blue rhinestone 'crowns' resembling a Snow and Ice Queen look on those pearls. And, if you live in Colorado, what's a good snow without a little ice?

And, so was born... Rudolph & the Ice Queen. I'm actually quite pleased with the results. The aqua blue double AB Swarovski crystals give this bracelet a beautiful flash of color that sends chills down my spine. Brrrr... it really is cold here. We got our first dusting of snow this morning and it's quite beautiful against the yellow Autumn leaves and that moody, gray sky. I love Colorado. And this bracelet reminds me of a wild west wintery Christmas. Ice and all.

Dream Lake Icy Reflection
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Credits: EstesPark.com photo via Rocky Mountain National Parks page on FB.


  1. I love the Rudolph charm, and the rest of the bracelet to cute too. ^.^

  2. absololutey love love love this...deej

  3. Charming story (no pun intended) and very lovely jewelry!

  4. I love Rudolph - Such a cutie : ) - beautiful bracelet!

  5. Hello there from Colorado Springs :)

  6. What a wonderful bracelet - and what a wonderful blogger! Why, if I hadn't been raised a Florida girl right along side you, I'd think you were a native Rocky! XO

    1. Hmmm... Ms. Anonymous Florida girl... is that you, Bear?
      XOX ❤

  7. Beautiful bracelet, and that blue is perfect!!