A Trip to Bountiful~

I don't know about you, but I need some "Beautiful" today....
I found this image on Pinterest last year which was quickly filed under 'one of my MOST favorite images of all time' and a room I would love to live in. The color, the light, the view, the fabric... there's not one thing about this room that I hate. Soothing. Inviting. Romantic. I could go on.

Then, recently, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was visiting a store in California called "Bountiful". The name sounded familiar... (was it because of the movie?)... So, I checked out their page, and it turns out that THIS is where this room lives! It didn't take long for me to realize it wasn't just the room that I was in love with. It was the entire house... 

From the old brick and leaded glass windows...

This amazing staircase and chandelier! And, what's up with that goose... :)

To this warm and inviting corner of coziness....

And, my favorite room of all time~ what a magnificent fireplace...

As if that wasn't enough, the white McCoy style vase, the silver candlesticks... *sighs*

The chandeliers, this beautiful antique farm table, and EVERYTHING on it....

This quaint little kitchen that reminds me of my grandmother's house. The old cabinets, the window, surrounded by all that greenness...

This stove!!!

I would kill for this vase. This mirror, the reflection...

The doors in these old houses... iron beds...

Love this room... beautiful light, red velvet sofa, and that sign!!

Alabaster lamps are my favorite....

There's that bird again... :)

Windows surrounded by lush green vines, rose gardens...
THIS is my dream home.

If you'd like to learn more about Sue Balmforth's 'Creepy Mansion', check out the Bountiful Facebook page. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, this breathtaking home is available as a vacation rental and sleeps 20. *SIGHS* .... 

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  1. What an incredible house!! I LOVE all of those rooms. Thank you for sharing. I was in need of some "beautiful" today as well.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Donna!
      We obviously BOTH have excellent taste. ;)

  2. Absolutely beautiful Belle! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  3. Drooling over everything here Donna! Thanks for the invite...I adore your style!

  4. ERNAHGERD!!!! Your bird chandelier!!! Isn't that fun you found it like that! I think I have half of these pinned as well what a great house!

  5. No matter how fancy, I don't think any new house can have the charm and character of an old home. Lovely post!

  6. This home is très belle indeed! Wat a marvelous corner fireplace and staircase!
    I'm a new follower too, you have a beautiful blog.
    Good Sunday to you!

  7. Gorgeous! I can see why this could be your dream home. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Every room is breathtaking, and makes me question my design selections for my living room, haha! The ambiance alone would soothe any rattled nerves. Love your blog!