Ode to Autumn with Lavender Falls and River Rocks

So, I'm trying to make something pretty for the Fashion Denver Holiday Market photo shoot this week, which needs to be delivered Monday... and I have all kinds of inspiration... pinks and greys, blacks and blues... visions of jewelry dance in my head.

But, as I dig through my beads and metals, this little gold leaf keeps calling out to me, "Pick ME! Pick ME!" Not at all part of my current design inspiration, but he's begging for attention. I'm slightly annoyed, as it seems every time I have an idea in mind, there's some component or another missing, and I end up making something completely different, but I decide to play around with these and see where it goes. Turns out, with the onset of snow in the Rockies, these leaf dangles are the perfect opportunity to give one last 'Huzzah' to the waning season... and, so, here is my... Ode to Autumn...

I've always loved pinks and golds together, so this was a natural. Golden leaves and lavender pink autumn clouds, reflecting the last light of day as the sun sets over the mountains... Lavender Falls~ AB sunstone cubes, paired with lavender nugget freshwater pearls, gold leaf dangles, on gold fill French wires.

Since I had one more pair of leaves in silver, I decided to go ahead and set them free. The AB Labradorite gemstones are perfect with silver, and the peacock blue freshwater pearls, stacked like river rocks, remind me of the stones they stack in Boulder Creek. I still don't know how they get those things to balance the way they do. Finished on sterling silver French wires.

River Rocks and Lavender Falls are both OOAK, one of a kind, and available for $35 each. {River Rocks is SOLD!}

So, now, back to the drawing board... still not sure what I'm taking to Denver tomorrow for that photo shoot....

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Have a great week and thank you for allowing me to share my adventures with you. XOX


  1. Moral of the story: we need to listen to our little beads, not just because they will drive us crazy otherwise, but sometimes because lovely things result!!

  2. These are both very fitting tributes to fall. Lovely