A Twilight Birthday ~ the Goods

The “VIP Vampire Pass” was found on eBay, but because of our time crunch, we had to make our own version, using the Twilight font we found online (have to get that link from my daughter). Thank you to the originator of the "backstage pass" idea. That was a gem!

Most of the supplies were purchased locally; and many can be found online if you have time to order in advance. I got the gorgeous mercury glass candlesticks from Pottery Barn online, and the mercury glass votive holders from Pier 1 locally. The pinecone lights and crackled glass bowl were found at Wal-Mart. The pink rose petals and 'sparkling ice' were a great surprise that jumped right out at me from the wedding aisle at WM. I would say most of the fun stuff just found me as I was looking for the fundamentals.

Basically, to do a party like Bella's, you want a table covered in a white tablecloth, glass plates, silver-wrapped gifts, lots of pink roses and pink candles. The Japanese lanterns would be really nice if you have time to get those. They're easy to find online, and you may even find them in a local shop. I embellished where I could to set the tone for an elegant 'pink and silver' party. And, apparently, it was a big hit.

I'll never forget, in the middle of dinner, hearing her friend yell, "Nova's birthday party ROCKS!" How much more fun does it get?

Here's wishing you a Happy Bella Birthday Party! This is the kind of thing that makes memories to last a lifetime.

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