Twilight Theme Party Ideas

Below are links to some great sites where I found my initial inspiration for the Twilight parties:

Squidoo: A Party Planning Guide for Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Fans
Squidoo: Twilight Party Food
Twilight Moms rock!: Twilight Moms Forums
This site is gorgeous: TwilightQuotes.com
Twilighters Anonymous - we used the Bella's Birthday Party Quiz

I think I visited a million more websites that I don't have links for. Just google "Twilight birthday party" or "Bella Birthday Party" and you'll find tons of sites with great party ideas, food, recipes, gift ideas, games, etc.

Best of luck in your search for the perfect Twilight/Bella theme party! Hope you have as much fun planning and enjoying your party as we did. This was definitely a party to remember.

Hasta la pasta! er, Mushroom Ravioli, that is...

This post was supposed to be published on Dec 13 ~ not sure what happened, but here it is! Happy New Year!

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