A Twilight Birthday ~ the Menu

Although there was no dinner served at Bella’s Birthday Party in the book, we chose to serve a dinner much like the meal enjoyed by Edward and Bella at a local cafĂ©.

The menu included Mushroom Ravioli with Red Sauce, Caesar Salad, and Garlic Breadsticks, along with Sparkling Cherry and Sparkling Strawberry juices which were a nice dark pink. The Pink Cake was decorated with roses and rosebuds.

For the treats, I used silver organza gift bags, filled with Eclipse Polar Ice Gum (for icy, cold Vampires), Wrigley’s 5 Flare Cinnamon Gum (for the Vampire's stinging bite), a huge Hershey’s Kiss (for Edward's comforting kiss on Bella's forehead when they arrived at the party), Baseball Chocolates (Vampires play awesome Baseball) and Gummy Teeth (need I say more?).

Each bag held a little jar of Sparkling Powder in White Icing for the guests and Lilac Frosting for the birthday girl – so the girls can sparkle like Vampires in the sunlight! The birthday girl also received a large bar of Ghirardelli Twilight Delight Intense Dark Chocolate. They were blown away by the gift bags and everyone enjoyed their goodies.

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